The Use of Incense Burner

Incense burner is otherwise known as a censer which is a vessel that is made for burning the incense or perfume in some other solid form. In fact, these vessels may vary from its form, size, and construction; and has been widely used during the ancient times through religious or secular contexts. Incense burner has different designs that can either be used in an open work in order to make an air flow or as simple as a bowl that can catch ashes of the burned incense. In many cultures, the presence of an incense burner has a religious connotation and influences the design of the censer.

The Use of Incense Burner

During the ancient times and even the present times, this incense has a great use and impact to religious activity where it can help to spread and move the incense’s fragrance to the devotees and attendees; it can help to endorse the aromatic flavor and vapor in spiritual aspect; and it can help to improve one’s mood. As such, the incense burners have direct and indirect methods of using it.

The direct burning of incense, the incense is can be burned by simply placing it directly on top of its heat source. Also, the end of the incense is ignited with flame until such the incense starts to turn into ashes at its burning end; the presence of flames will then be blown out; and the incense can continuously burn without necessarily be supported with flame on its own.

On the other hand, the indirect burning of incense is commonly known as non-combustible incense which means it has aromatic materials which are not encouraged to its form; through this method it necessarily requires a separate source of heat since it does not have the capability of naturally burning and can’t ignite in a normal situation. In addition, the duration of burning of the incense may vary from the material it uses, usually if the incense has finer ingredients then the incense are be burned frequently while other materials are can be consumed gradually.

Lastly, the incense burner is can also be made used for home within which a small and concave charcoal is being sold. Ordinarily, it is can be used for traditional and religious purpose or can have it as a way of taking away stress and encourages motivation at any aspect of life.

The incense burner is specifically made for stick incenses; where it catches the burned incensed or ash. It can be attained in a simply long, metal, ceramic, thin plate of wood to hold the end of the incense. Traditionally, the Buddhist and Taoist temples has an inner space are basically scented with coiled incense that are hung from the ceiling; the devotees and or worshippers in temples burn sticks of incense and are virtually placed in censers.

Whatever your belief and religion will be, the incense burner are commonly used to show higher degree of culture, practice, respect and honors the value of rituals.